It’s already September. AND, I know it’s about to end AND Yes, September! And what about it? It means, it’s the season of ‘Ber Months’ again!  ..We also need to wake ‘him’ up because September is about to end. Eheh~ :3 *runs away*

Now, now… Where is the nice and cold Christmas breeze? In our place, it’s MIA. GAAAAH.  It still feels like summer! As much as I want to laze around in front of my laptop, I can’t enjoy playing or watching anime that much because…’s so HOT! The AC in our room is now at peace and left this unfortunate soul to the unforgivable heat. (You traitor AC).  BUT WAIT, with all the heat and crap, you will, of course, think of something to fight the merciless heat! … Okay, what to do to fight this heat? Well, one of the most common solution is… to buy and EAT ICE CREAM!!!!


I went out with a friend to buy some ice cream but I’m surprised to see something else. I was digging in the chest freezers inside the grocery store and something caught my eye. IT’S A KOREAN ICE CREAM! At first, I was like “what is this? Is this a new pro– OH!” SO, I looked for Ice cream-san’s fellow friends and found them!~  Pangtoa Ice cream the packaging is really nice, and they have 2 flavors, Cookie & Cream and Choco Chiffon.

IMG_20150916_161226 IMG_20150918_155820


It really looks good and the best part here is, what you see, is what you get. :3




Choco Chiffon


Look at that Cookie&Cream! Thick with visible cookie bits~ there’s a small chunk at the side too XD (the dark thing protruding at the side).  Choco Chiffon melted a little but the shape is still gorgeous! (。◕ ∀ ◕。)  The mocha-flavored chiffon of Cookie&Cream goes really well with the thick cookies and cream filling. But wait, How about Choco Chiffon?? It’s very chocolatey!  The chiffon’s rich and chocolate flavor is not overwhelming at all, making the chocolate filling and its chiffon yummy in every bite.<3(Before I forget, the price is Php40. ^_^)

….HNGGGH! I reaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaally love Pangtoa! Affordable, yummy, true, and awesome~ ❤ I can eat four sandwiches in one sitting. (*థ౪థ)

I will definitely buy again! It’s 10/10 for me! 

And yep, that’s it! Do visit again for my random post!~  Thanks for reading! ! ! ╲(。◕‿◕。)╱

~ Lei ♫ ♪ ☆