After 9 months of playing and working with my generic keyboard from a very famous and probably, we-have-it-all store, my keyboard finally left me.  It was a Sunday morning, and I was about to log-in to my FFXIV account when I noticed that my keyboard, is not lighting up. I tried a lot of things, but sadly, keyboard-san won’t wake up. 😥  I hurriedly took a bath, and went to the nearest mall. My friends were asking me already to go online in the game while I was checking out keyboards in the mall when one of them told me that her gaming keyboard is at the same price with the one I’m eyeing and great for playing (hers is better when I compared it). She’s from Singapore and of course, their gadgets/tech stuff are waaaaaaay better and cheaper compared to what we have here in PH. The offer was really tempting and she reminded me that she’ll be here soon, like in… two weeks! So YEP! I bought another generic keyboard and went straight home because I took the awesome offer!  I love you Sis Korinne! ❤

The day where I get to meet my new gaming buddy came, I got my keyboard last September 20, 2015, and so far, I’m not experiencing any issues, but, before anything else, Let’s unbox it first with Tonberry-san! o(〃^▽^〃)o

Here’s my Kalashnikov AK-700, a Singapore brand gaming keyboard from Armaggeddon. You can check their other gaming devices at

1 IMG_20150922_124344IMG_20150922_125318

I’m using a phone camera, lighting is kinda bad.. so forgive me with the photos. (╯•﹏•╰)

*Click the image for a clearer view and to open in full size*

IMG_20150928_141019  IMG_20150922_132053IMG_20150928_140955


I was really surprised that it’s big. It’s bigger than my laptop. It’s not that heavy, I like its smoothness, and it doesn’t make loud annoying tap-tap sounds (unless you’re pushing it really hard) when typing. It’s almost silent and you’ll feel something upon pressing a key that it really registered. The cord is neatly wrapped too. ^___^


  • >>Back-light Logo with pulsating & 3 color options
  • >>6 available function buttons on keyboard
  • >>High-profile, ultra-durable and silent keys
  • >>Lifespan up to 100 million keystrokes
  • >>Anti-ghost gaming clusters(WASD and Arrow keys)
  • >>1.8 meters multi-flex cord wrapped with ultra-durable cable jack
  • >>Has 3 extra rubber keyboard stoppers

Okay, so what is this Anti-ghost gaming feature? It’s when you are pressing several keys or a single key, and it did not register due to the keyboard’s inability to keep up with the simultaneous key presses. For gamers, it’s very important, especially for FPS and MOBA players! it sucks when you should have killed the enemy first before it can actually hit and kill you. (-_- )

For the curious people, here’s the keyboard when plugged. (Green and Red)

IMG_20150928_143933 IMG_20150928_144040

They also have a model that looks exactly like AK-700 that has an adjustable back-light colors for the keys, It’s AK-770i.  But it’s more expensive, almost twice the price of AK-700. XD

Overall. I like the price, the features, and its awesomeness. I can freely switch songs while playing FFXIV(MMORPG from Square Enix) without alt-tabbing. I can disable the windows home button too when raiding! it’s one of my problems before because the Alt button is just beside it and it’s part of my game shortcuts. It may not have extra keys, but it’s still good!

Aaaaand there we have it! a simple review from yours truly! If you’re looking for a simple and yet, almost silent keyboard with anti-ghosting, I definitely  recommend this keyboard!