Having a handheld gaming device is pretty nice and of course, handy. :p You can play games while travelling or waiting for someone. I’m a fan of handheld devices of Nintendo and Sony ever since. I started with the big, fat Gameboy and kept buying the latest ones up to Gameboy Advance SP then my loyalty flipped when Nintendo DS came out because it was really expensive for my lowly student savings (and I was busy with anime and our PS2.) </3 THEN, one of my big bros bought a PSP when it was released (PSP was released right after NDS.) When my brother lent me his PSP as payment for doing one of his school stuff, I took it and played a game. And guess what? I really liked it to the point that I wanted to buy one right away!! I did my best to save up and waited for the release of the slim version and bought one! Then I cried my eyes out with FF7: Crisis Core (ZACK!! WHY??? 😥 ) and Persona 3. Haha. >_<

After a few years, PS VITA came out. I owned one before but had to sell it because I needed money and it didn’t have many games that time unlike now.  PS Vita released a slim version BUT, a lot of debates and shiz came out among gamers because it’s cheaper than the PHAT/FAT model due to some hardware changes which became a very big deal to some people. I was really surprised about it so I observed the reactions and articles of other gamers/gaming websites for quite some time while waiting for new games for Vita before I buy again AND THEN, XSEED, surprised the fans with the release (yeah, even  though it’s really late than the said released date) of The Legend of Heroes: TITS “SC”  in which,  made me want to buy a PSV ASAP. GAAAAAH!  (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻;  Also, before I forget,  they have this streaming for PS3 and PS4. The offerings of Play Station Now are good. The service unlocks a library of PS3 games which can be streamed to the Vita. Play Station Now can be used in 2 ways, monthly subscriptions or individual rental  of a game.

After a few months, I finally had the budget (thank you ;___; ) and immediately looked and checked for the latest price of a PSV… BUT WAIT, which PSV should I buy?? And THAT, my dear reader, started my research about the two PS Vitas. WHICH IS BETTER? God knows how many forums and articles I’ve read before I was able to decide which one to buy. ˚‧º·(˚ ˃̣̣̥᷄⌓˂̣̣̥᷅ )‧º·˚

SO, I’m gonna stop beating around the bush and start with the unboxing of my new baby PSV SLIM while also talking about the hardware difference of the PHAT/FAT and SLIM and why I chose SLIM. :3


The Sony PSVita Slim is 183.6 x 85.1 x 15mm and 219g (15% lighter and 20% thinner than the Phat/Fat), It’s got a quad-core Cortex A9 processor, 512MB of RAM, 128MB of VRAM, screen is 5 inches (16:9), 960 x544, LCD multi-touch capacitive touch screen (Approximately 16,770,000 colors displayed) whereas in the old Vita, the screen is OLED, which is a downgrade. It may be a big deal for some, but I actually find it better that they changed it to LCD because OLED is subject to burnin. The rear touchpads are still there and the same. Front and rear camera’s maximum resolution is 640 X 480 (VGA). It still also has the built-in stereo speakers and microphone. The port has been changed to the most friendliest universal micro usb port in playstation portable history! YAY!~ (/Jollibee dance). The PSV Slim has a 1GB internal memory storage! You can now play games and put some media files without a memory card.  Sony has given it some slight changes, like the following: longer battery hours (battery life is between 4-6 hours unlike the old one which is 3- 5 hours only); wifi connection (In the old Vita, it’s wifi and 3G); capable of remote play (PS3 and PS4).

Over all, the advantage of the old PSV is that its screen is OLED, which gives more vivid colours, much sharper display BUT, OLED  has a burn-in problem unlike the new LCD of the PSV Slim. The PSV Slim is also MUCH lighter, handy, has a more sleek design, longer battery life, a micro usb port (yay for this!!!).*More range of colors! (Mine is Aqua Blue 😉 )

So there you go, happiness has been showered in my life for being able to decide which PSV to buy~  :))