Lately, Japanese restaurants, food stalls and kiosks have been appearing  in almost every place that you might wander off. As a food lover, there are times that you’re craving for a certain dish from a particular cuisine. However, not every Japanese restaurant or Japanese food stall can offer what you’ve been craving since not everyone of them can offer a wide variety of Japanese food. Some of the best JP restaurants are specialty restaurants like Yabu: House of Katsu which is, of  course,  mains on serving different types of katsu and they don’t have ramen or sushi in their menu. So yep, to make it short, Japanese restaurants might be almost in every place that you’re going but not every one of them can have what you’ve been craving(that is, if you are craving for a Japanese cuisine hehe.) (。>ω<)。

Anyway, this post all started with my usual “I’m-craving-for-(insert food)” and my palate have decided that it wants a salmon sashimi.  AAHHHH, I love Salmon! (ノ´ヮ´)ノ*:・゚✧ Of course I gave what my tummy wants but unfortunately, the place where I ate  the salmon sashimi was kinda meh and too expensive. 😥  The next day, while roaming around the food court(yeah, on a tight budget hehehe) to have my early dinner,  Me and my BF discovered a new food court stall to try, HOSHIMARU.

For a food stall with different types of Japanese dish, Hoshimaru is just new and has a very interesting menu.Their counter looks really nice and has a glass food display. The food  displayed at that time were different types of sushi and maki that looks yummy. At first, we were skeptical in trying their food since we did not have a really nice experience with the last Japanese restaurant that we went to and the prices in Hoshimaru’s menu seems too good to be true, still, we gave Hoshimaru a try. We ordered a salmon sashimi and salmon sushi as a test.

**Pictures ^_^ **

Salmon Sashimi @ P140
salmon sushi
Salmon Sushi @ P150

HNGGH. Look at that! It looks like it’s from a restaurant and
 not from a ‘fast food’ food court stall.  Σ(゜ロ゜;)

We waited for a while for our orders because the food attendant did not just pull our orders from a freezer or something but instead,  he started  to prepare and make the sushi on the spot after we placed and paid our order. The counter and their kitchen is only separated by a glass wall so you can actually see and watch what’s happening on the food preparation and cooking. Ain’t that nice?  ੧(❛▿❛✿)੭

As how it looks, the sushi and sashimi are really good. It’s not just for show! YEY! (*^▽^)/ and the price of the food? I’ll keep on coming back! The only thing that I didn’t like was I got a fish bone in one of the slices of sashimi. Chef-san, don’t hurry  too much on preparing, that fish bone is really a bad thing. booohoo. ;___;

Overall, I’ll be giving them 4  out of 5 for the salmons. If it weren’t for the fish bone, I’ll be giving them a 5. I just hope for the same quality or have much better quality of food in the future heheh. I’ll be trying other dishes in the menu soon… though, I’ve seen some reviews about their other dishes in the menu and everyone has a good feedback.


Hoshimaru’s MENU (They have other dishes which is not on their menu yet.)

Hoshimaru Danpopo Food Inc.

Address: Food court, SM Megamall Building A, Ortigas, Mandaluyong City
Tel. Number: 02 5315357
Business Hours:  10AM to 10PM
Payment Methods: Cash only
Facebook: Hoshimaru

Yay! Try them and tell me your experience and the food you ordered so I can try them too !! Questions? Suggestions? leave your comments below~ (*≧▽≦)