There’s always a day where you want to eat out, crazily craving for a certain cuisine, or you really just want to eat something different aside from the typical burgers and fries, right? And yet, payday is too far away from reality. Tsk, tsk! Even if you are being frugal, you can still have something different! How about a crunchy deep-fried PIZZA? No need to worry about your tight budget because, for only P99, you can have your 11×14″ brick oven pizza (with thin crust or deep-fried crust) or a plate of pasta at PiPA House Marikina.

PIPA Brick Oven Pizza and Pasta House

PIPA (Pizza and Pasta) House is definitely very easy to remember. From their straight to the point name to their scrumptious pizza with a deep-fried crust, you will find it very difficult to forget; and as they’re also probably the first to offer a deep-fried crust Pizza in Metro Manila or possibly one of the first few restaurants in the country.

This is ‘MANY PACQUIAO‘ Supreme deep-fried pizza! The best-selling pizza (and my favorite hehe) by the chef and owner, Chef Dondon of Pasig City.
Chef Dondon said that he got the idea of the deep-fried crust pizza when he was still working in UK.

They have a customizable table name holder! \(^_^)/

They also have a very creative and celebrity-studded menu. Every food item is named after an international or local celebrity. Check out their menu at the bottom! ੧(❛▿❛✿)੭

food set
Tadaaah! Each dish that you see in the table are P99.00 only!

Hmm? Not into supreme pizza? How about a ‘WHITENEY HOUSTON’ pizza that has a creamy white sauce?

PINEAPL.DE.AP Hawaiian Pizza
NUTALIE PORTMAN (Nutella) Pizza!

Oh, so you want a pizza and dessert at the same time? Try NUTALIE PORTMAN! You can choose between banana and mango for your topping! Still at P99!!!

PIPA’s specialty pasta, “PIPA Pasta” with their special sauce. (Probably my favorite pasta in Pipa House!)
DAVID BACHAM pasta in creamy white sauce topped with bacon and ham for those carbonara lovers out there. Price? same with the others! P99!
ANGELINA JOILIE Pesto! Oh, I love pesto! Enjoy the olive oil-based sauce of this yummy pesto pasta.

HNGGH! still wanting for more desserts? Try KIM KARDASHIAN! This dessert is made of 3 cookie crust pizza with mini chocolate Kisses, topped with vanilla, strawberry & chocolate ice cream and roasted Marshmallows! Each cookie has their own mix , thus, (like one of the cookies has cashews) making each cookie different on the plate. Oh by the way, those cookies and ice cream are also made by Chef Dondon. He makes everything in the menu except for the pasta (noodles).

So there you have it! The must-try, deep-fried pizza that is NOT greasy at all and still very crunchy even if you let it go cold in your table~ the crunchiness won’t leave your pizza! I know, we were really surprised about it too. (@_@)

Now, check out the whole celebrity-studded menu that I’ve been talking about~ (☆▽☆)

I’d like to thank Chef Dondon and the whole PIPA House staff for having us over! We’ll definitely be back for more deep-fried pizza! (*^▽^)/

Before you go and visit them, don’t forget to follow/like and leave a comment below! Do share with me your experience with PIPA House after visiting them! I’d like to know it too~ (*≧▽≦)


PIPA House
 #59 E. Dela Paz St., Brgy. San Roque, Marikina City, 1801 Marikina City
Phone: 0917 520 5653
Payment Method: Cash Only
Facebook: PIPA House
Instagram: @PIPA.HOUSE
Twitter: @HousePIPA