Hey guys, do you like Japanese cuisine? Well… I’m sure you’ve heard some of their famous dishes like sushi, ramen and sashimi. How about tempura? That dish, where vegetables or seafood (usually shrimp) are battered and deep fried to a crispy, golden brown color. Mmmm! You know it right? Yep, that yummy dish (that my friends still like to eat despite the fact that they are allergic to shrimp! ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) ) which is somewhat expensive. The price for a meal with at least 4 pieces of shrimp tempura is around 200-ish or 250php. Ughhh. I love eating shrimp tempura but the price will make my wallet cry… BUT with that usual reason, it became a hobby for me to always roam around to look for affordable restaurants or food stalls that has delicious dishes to offer. So yep! While doing my usual rounds, I found a new food stall in SM and Robinsons malls, Tokyo Tempura.

9 pcs of shrimp tempura for only P115?! That’s like, 12php for each?! GAH! Take my money!  (๑꒪▿꒪)*

 *Check the menu that I found from their page too! Tokyo Tempura Menu

Of course, I’m kinda skeptical about what they are offering… shrimp tempura for that price? isn’t it too good to be true? However, I won’t know until I try so I ordered a SHO TEMPURA right away! It smells so good, can’t blame my tummy if it’s good or not!!! o(≧∇≦o)

4 pcs Shrimp Tempura @P60


WEEEEEEE! It’s goooooooooooood! *orders more* @_______@
The batter is really light and crispy! I was expecting a plain, flour-tasting tempura because of the price… but instead, it tastes like the real deal! Not just some batter-tasting tempura but it’s the SHRIMP TEMPURA taste! And before I could forget, they have two types of sauce, the tempura sauce and sweet chili sauce. I’ve tried their tempura sauce and it is really good too. ( ゚▽゚)/

Hmm.. I guess I’ll be dropping by often so I can taste the other tempura dishes that they’re offering~ :3

To try Tokyo Tempura, check out the nearest mall and look for their food stall/cart at the food court area. They also have a list of places where you can find them at their FB Page (Tokyo Tempura) though it’s not yet updated. But just to make sure, you can ask them by commenting or sending a message to their FB page. (*^▽^)/

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