One morning, I received a private message in my page, Curious Lei. At first, I thought it was just an acquaintance who’s going to ask about a game or a place to eat nearby but I was WRONG. It was from Ms. Diana Evite, a PR officer of SM City San Mateo contacting me in behalf of Greenwich to join their Bloggers’ Pizza Party to formally launch their newest pizza, the BACON CRISPY THINS.

*Their newest pizza, the Bacon Crispy Thins, is only here for a limited time. *

Bacon, ham, mushrooms, mozzarella and cream cheese on a crispy thin crust!~ MORE PLEASE! o(≧∇≦o) *also available in thick crust!

On the day of the event, it was raining heavily and I thought they would be rescheduling the event. However, they sent a message saying that the event will push through. With the bed—erm, bad weather, most people would have considered cancelling their plans but NOT ME! I must go. The pizza is calling me. ˭̡̞(◞⁎˃ᆺ˂)◞*✰

Fixing some stuff before starting~
Changing colorful lights? It’s party time!~

The travel was kind of unpleasant due to the weather but I was able to arrive in one piece with my fellow blogger. As I signed my name in the blogger list, I caught a glimpse of a huge pizza. It was a humongous, 45-inch Ultimate Overload Pizza on the corner table.

The muse/model of the night: A 45-inch Ultimate Overload pizza!
Close-up for the muse/model pizza~ :p

As the event started, the band Happy Ending did a live acoustic performance and a game has been announced. I mentioned earlier that it’s a pizza party, right? Then you probably have an idea about the game~ it’s a pizza eating contest! My group decided to take our time and enjoy their new pizza instead of stuffing our mouth with pizza slices all at once and down to our throat to win. (。>ω<)。

OOPS! Let me introduce my teammates! The lovely lady is Cristelle of Girl and Boy Thing and Rey of Lifestyle Bucket. Even though we only got 2nd place, it didn’t really matter since we enjoyed eating together. :>

Here’s a photo of a whole Bacon Crispy Thins and other yummy dishes from Greenwich!


Lasagna Supreme @ P80
Crunchy Chicken!

FOOOD! They served us other dishes but I wasn’t able to take photos because… uhm.. you know, angry stomachs must be fed right away! ヾ(@°▽°@)ノ

HUH?  You’re hungry now? What are you waiting for?! Greenwich Delivery is just one call away! Go message your friends and share a Bacon Crispy Thins with them starting at P220!  QUICK! Call 5-55-55 for Greenwich Delivery! By the way, for dine-in transaction, you can add-on a Nestea pitcher for only P70~ HUH? can’t call? oh come on… Don’t worry! Since you’re reading this post of mine, go here! ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Try the pizza while it’s still in their menu! ALSO, share your experience with me too!~ If you’re going to post to your Instagram or Facebook, don’t forget to check  into Greenwich and use the hashtags: #Baconcrispythins #Baconeffect